Force of Nature was an experimental music label active between 2001 and 2013 that focused on creative music often described as Industrial, IDM, Glitch, Noise, Power Electronics, Dubstep, or Dark Ambient.

FoN Artists

More information about the more recent artists who had released on FoN can be found at their web sites.

Formation and Early Years

Force of Nature began as an attempt to move beyond the typical shock value tactics used in experimental circles and instead to draw inspiration from the ultimate power in this world: nature's true destructive face. Founded by DJ Peter Lee in 2001, the original releases centered around a collection of unknown bands who deserved proper releases. The first release, "Dark Transmission" was compiled from submissions to his weekly radio show A Dark and Tranquil Place and was followed by a series of releases reaching critical acclaim throughout the harsh industrial noise scene. Examples of this style on FoN include Gruntsplatter - The Passions of a Cripple, Skin Crime, and G.R. by Deathpile.

The FoN sound has increasingly also included experimental Dark Ambient artists featuring works by legendary artists such as The [law-rah] Collective who, in 2003 released the first in the FoN "Natural Disaster Series" (where each release will describe a different natural disaster) titled "Vesuvius". Other examples of the FoN Dark Ambient releases include Monstrare - Novum Ott, 15 Degrees Below Zero - Under A Morphine Sky, and Concrete Cookie and the Maggot Farmer - Mondegreen.

The Later Years

The FoN roster grew to incorporate IDM, Industrial, Ambient Live Electronics highlighted in releases such as synnack's v2,v2.5/Katrina, Freeze Etch's Vessels, Helios II, Perfection Plastic's Triomphe de la Matiere, The Caparpace's Moments in Time (co-released with Signifier), and T-FAKTOR's BRICKSPLITTER.

In total, FoN released 36 amazing one-of-a-kind releases by both new and legendary artists; including unique compilations and remix anthologies spanning CD, DVD, vinyl, and digital formats. Every release was a source of great pride for everyone involved. At the end of the day running a small independent music label is a thankless job but one you do for the love of the music you release. Of particular note for me personally (having experienced the impact of hurricane Katrina directly) was the Natural Disaster Series. The concept of a series of releases describing a different natural disaster with art was one of the things that attracted me to the label as an artist (I'm synnack). I eventually released my own release in this series with Katrina but we took this to the next level with the SENDAI Japan project. This was a 4 part series of compilations and a mammoth undertaking, but resulted in a donation of all profits to charities supporting the victims of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Sendai Japan in 2011.

It's 2013 as I write this and the label has been inactive since June 2012. We all (hopefully) move on and change as we get older and for me I am no longer able to put the kind of effort into the label that the bands deserve so the label is for all practical purposes shut down. If there's anyone out there interested in picking up from where I took the label after Peter Lee stepped down, contact me at and we'll see what we can work out. I intend to continue to renew the domain and provide the archive for historical reference, but there will be no more FoN releases without new blood to take it forward.

I'd like to thank Peter Lee for all his hard work and financial support in creating the label and Bauke van der Wal for his guidance and hard work with me to bring the SENDAI Japan series into being.

Downloading FoN Releases

At this time of this writing the free download system for the 7 releases we gave away still works. You can get these releases at the following links:

  1. Forced Nature Volume One by Various
  2. Undercurrent/Floodplain by Wilt
  3. L'Echec de la Matiere by Perfection Plastic
  4. v2.0.5 by synnack
  6. v2.5 by synnack
  7. Interpretations in Time by The Carapace

Mos of the releases in the Natural Disaster Series are also available for free via bandcamp at For other releases in the back catalog, please contact the artists directly through the links above.


You're welcome browse the old site content and explore the artists and releases at No guarantee that will always be there (or work) but I'll check in from time to time and try to keep it online for historical references.

October 2013